17th November 2017

King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

17th November 2017


08.45 Registration
09.20 Welcome
Michael Heneghan, King's College Hospital, London
Session 1 - Chairs:  Michael Heneghan & Roger Williams
09.30 The Lancet Commission
Roger Williams, Institute of hepatology, London           
10.00 How to manage NAFLD and the truth about non-invasive markers of fibrosis
Stuart McPherson, Freeman Hospital in Newcastle
10.30 Coffee
Session 2 - Chairs: Stewart McPherson
11.00 Modern management of HCC and new therapies
Augusto Villanueva, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, USA
11.30 EA L guidelines and future management of HBV 
Kosh Agarwal, King's College Hospital, London
12.00 New therapies for cholestatic disorders
Michael Heneghan, King's College Hospital, London
12.30 Lunch
Session 3 - Chairs: John O'Grady & William Bearnal
13.30 Current status of the HCV ODN - time for elimination                          
 Graham Foster, Royal London Hospital, London
14.00 Post monothematic update on alcoholic hepatitis
Mark Thursz, St Mary’s Hospital, London
14.30 Coffee
Session 4 - Chairs: Mark Thursz & Kosh Agarwal
15.00 AoCLF – what the referring clinician needs to know
William Bernal, King’s College Hospital, London
15.30 The new allocation system – refer early or later?
John O’Grady, King’s College Hospital, London
16.00 Conclusions: Kosh Agarwal

The programme is endorsed by:

BASLBritish Association for the Study of the Liver
and the British Liver Transplant Group (BLTG)

BASLEuropean Association for the Study of the Liver