17th November 2017

King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

17th November 2017


09.00 Registration
09.20 Welcome
Deepak Joshi & Kosh Agarwal, King's College Hospital, London
Session 1 - Chairs: John O'Grady & Roger Williams
09.30 The Lancet Commission
Roger Williams, Institute of hepatology, London           
10.00 The new allocation system – refer early or later?
John O’Grady, King’s College Hospital, London
10.30 Coffee
Session 2 - Chairs: Stewart McPherson & William Bernal
11.00 Modern management of HCC and new therapies
Augusto Villanueva, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, USA
11.30 AoCLF – what the referring clinician needs to know
William Bernal, King’s College Hospital, London
12.00 How to manage NAFLD and the truth about non-invasive markers of fibrosis
Stuart McPherson, Freeman Hospital in Newcastle
12.30 Lunch
Session 3 - Chairs: John O'Grady & William Bearnal
13.30 Current status of the HCV ODN - time for elimination                          
 Graham Foster, Royal London Hospital, London
14.00 Post EASL monothematic update on alcoholic hepatitis
Mark Thursz, St Mary’s Hospital, London
14.30 EASL guidelines and future management of HBV 
Kosh Agarwal, King's College Hospital, London
15.00 Conclusions: Kosh Agarwal

The programme is endorsed by:

BASLBritish Association for the Study of the Liver
and the British Liver Transplant Group (BLTG)

BASLEuropean Association for the Study of the Liver